Rodan From Destroy all Monsters

Fire Rodan

Rodan from Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II

GFW Rodan

Rodan from Godzilla Final Wars


During the first film, Rodan's wife was killed. She died in the volcano eruption. Rodan again appeared in Ghidrah The Three headed monster. Godzilla and Rodan was spending the whole movie fighting. After Mothra larva got her tail kicked by Ghidorah, Godzilla and Rodan helped. Ghidorah retreats and Godzilla & Rodan won. After the three monster bash, Godzilla fights Ghidorah with Rodan on Planet X. Ghidorah retreats again... but this is not all. Rodan and Godzilla were in the aliens' control, the ilitary people break there control and Godzilla and Rodan sight Ghidorah. During Destroy All Monsters: (DAM) Rodan fight Ghidorah with 10 or seven other monsters.



During the heisei film, Rodan appeared fighting Godzilla on an island, where the Godzilla was looking for he egg that lived there. Rodan also was there for it, after the battle, the scientists save the egg taking it back to Japan. Godzilla was on his way too the place to get that egg. The egg hatched and a baby Godzilla popped out. Listining to the plant's music, Rodan awakened to appear into the city called Fire Rodan that shoots a purple beam out his beak. Rodan then gets defeated by MechaGodzilla. Godzilla was was getting his tail kicked by Super MechaGodzilla. Rodan then awakens to give his fire power to Godzilla to make Godzilla shoot out the finishing breath! That was the end for Rodan in the Heisei series.

Final Wars:

In Godzilla final wars, Rodan was found attacking New York. Rodan then appeared in Okinawa to Fight Godzilla with Anguirus and King Caesar. Anguirus used his rollout, Godzilla then hits Anguirus hitting Rodan knocking him out.

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