Reptillicus from the film

Resembling a giant dragon-like serpent with webbed wings, Reptilicus, with near-impenetrable armor-plated skin (which was never truly demonstrated since most kaiju can stand up to military assaults), had the ability to regenerate itself from any segment as well as fly (a feature obscured in the US version, when AIP removed the flying scene). In the US version, an effect was added (albeit randomly and clumsily) where Reptilicus shot a neon-green acid slime from his mouth. The special effect used to bring Reptilicus to life is a wired marionette. One day an oil drill hit something that spawned blood. When scientists arrived to the scene they examined what had happened. Apparently the drill came across some intact tissue of an ancient animal which was soon dubbed Reptilicus. A piece of flesh was still apparently alive and after the flesh was given sufficient protein it escaped one rainy night. The army soon went after Reptilicus after it had ate some cattle and grown even bigger. Reptilicus met with military resistance soon after and went back into his ancient habitat, the ocean. Depth charges were dropped, but soon ceased as it could create another Reptilicus if a piece broke off. The monster made land fall in Denmark and rampaged through the city as the military could do nothing to stop it. A special high dosage of tranquilizer was used, putting Reptilicus to sleep, but on the ocean floor there was another member of his species....


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