Kiryu II


                                                        Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla

In GodzillaXMechaGodzilla, the people of Japan actually made this metalic baby. Kiryu was created by metal plates and the bones of the 1st Godzilla. Super Weapons Kiryu has tons and tons of weapons. The blue thing on his back is used to shoot out three or four bullets from the center. Kiryu can also shoot laser bits from his hand thing. Kiryu plus can shoot an electric beam from his mouth. His rage in the games is that he shoots out the "Absolute Zero Cannon." Kiryu in GXM, when he shot out the cannon, it froze the building. Whipping his tail on the ground, The Building melted. The chest plates shoots out the Absolute Zero Cannon which freezes anything in sight Including Godzilla.


                             Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S.


                              In Tokyo SOS, Kiryu Changed and has more weapons than the original. The blue changed to white + its more round. Kiryu also can turn one of his hands to a drill. Just like the original, he shoots laser bits from his hands. In the 1st movie when this baby arrived, Godzilla Blows up the blue thing. In the movie the Japanese people called him Kiryu. But The subtitles called him MechaGodzilla. A laser shoots out of this absolute zero cannon.

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