Hauzer is a video game monster. Hauzer can blow out blasts of fire from his maw. the horns on the top of his head are probably used for headbutting. He has a crest and the tiny wings on his back and head. The tail is used, well just like Gomora his main weapon is his tail sometimes.

Hauzer is a character from the game Red Earth. Originally a fossil from Greedia, now an earth dragon resurrected by Scion, one that largely resembles a Tyrannosaurus, Hauzer inhabits the Greedia stage.

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

The Greedia region's legendary "divine dragon" in the flesh. With an earth-shakingly large build and equally hot flame attack, it is certainly Greedia's best defense.

Attacks and Abilities Edit

Deluge Assault - Hauzer's charging attack. He leans forward and runs across the screen at an opponent head-first.

Deluge Crisis - A more powerful version of Deluge Assault that he ends by throwing the opponent into the air with his head, then grabbing them with his jaws and tossing them across the screen.

Gust Flame - A massive flame attack. Hauzer opens his mouth and spews out a huge wave of flame.

Tempest Fall - Hauzer's equivalent of an uppercut. He rears his head upwards and leaps into the air.

Volcano Breath - He spits a giant ball of fire from his mouth that slowly falls to the ground.

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