Ex Gomora

EX Gomora


Armored Hide: EX Gomora’s hide is so tough that not even Armor of Darkness’ weapons can so much as scratch it.

Super Strength: EX Gomora has incredible strength, enough to pummel the strongest of monsters with ease.

Extentable Tail: EX Gomora can stretch his tail long distances to use as an impaling weapon.

Hyper Oscillatory Wave: EX Gomora can fire an enhanced version of the Super Oscillatory Wave from his chest. This beam of energy’s power is so great, it can kill the likes of Armor of Darkness in one hit.

Roll Attack: EX Gomora can execute a roll attack powerful enough to knock down monsters as strong as Zetton.

A darker version of Gomora this incarnation has more spikes on his body and can extend his tail very long distances. into his original self. Ex Gomora can impale this into enemies as a finishing move. In story mode Ultraman Cosmos manages to restore Ex Gomora back To date this is the only Ex to make an appearence outside of a video game (specifically the last episode of Ultra Galaxy, Ultra Galaxy NEO and Ultra Galaxy Legends).

Ex Red King

EX Red King

After Redking was defeated by Ultraman,it was later revived to form Ex Red King.This Red King has bigger arms and it skin is made up of molten magma,giving it resistant to high temperature. It can throw molten rock towards it enemies and can extend the size of its right arm and punch it enemies up to the skies and causing the enemies to explode. In Story Mode, it appear inside Mt. Fuji,possibly to get revenge against Ultraman. However,it was defeated by Ultraman Taro. Powers/Abilities:

Large Arms: EX Red King’s arms are over sized, making perfect battering implements.

Explosive Shockwave: EX Red King can slam his fists into the ground, creating a shockwave causing a series of explosions as large as he is and strong enough to severely wound the likes of Armor of Darkness.

Thick Hide: EX Red King’s hide is so thick, even Armor of Darkness’ weapons can’t make a scratch.

Super Strength: EX Red King has incredible strength, great enough to let him pummel creatures like Armor of Darkness with little effort.


Commanded by Grande, Red King metamorphosed into an EX form of his own. EX Gomora soon swung Armor of Darkness into EX Red King’s waiting arms where the dinosaur leveled the fiend with a powerful strike. As the fight raged, EX Red King smashed Armor of Darkness’ trident from his grasp and sent him flying back. After EX Gomora disposed of the demon’s short sword, EX Red King slammed Armor of Darkness from both sides with his massive arms, sandwiching the evil being before ramming him into EX Gomora’s waiting claws. After Armor of Darkness was thrown by EX Gomora, EX Red King unleashed his Explosive Shockwave, severely wounding the devil warrior, allowing EX Gomora’s Hyper Oscillatory Wave to finish Armor of Darkness off once and for all. Roaring in victory, EX Red King was returned to his master’s Neo Battlenizer and escaped planet with Grande.

Ex Eleking

EX Eleking

When Eleking was defeated by Ultraseven, it changed into Ex Eleking. It is basicly an Eleking without limbs and looks like a snake.It attack by contristing it foes like a python.It is the weakest of all exes.

EX Tyrant 1

EX Tyrant 1

Tyrant with Gomora and Red King's legs and Geronimon's feathers. This incarnation makes better use of his mace harpoon and has great strength, demonstrated as in pulling an asteroid from space as his finishing move. In story mode Ex Tyrant 1 is fought by Taro on a distant planet. He is later revived by Alien Mephiles and Cosmos is forced to destroy it.

EX Tyrant 2

EX Tyrant 2

Fought by Ultraman Taro on another world after destroying the first Ex Tyrant 2. Also known as Undead Tyrant by fans due to the fact that it can't be killed until it is exposed to the sun which then enable Ultraman Taro to finally destroy it

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